BCA COVID-19 Response

  • Travel Policy - BCA asks that employees and clients who are traveling out of state, take appropriate precautions and monitor for changes in their health upon return.

  • BCA will continue to waive no-show fees for illness only, at this time. If you decide to return for center-based treatment, you will be expected to attend your assigned schedule. Absences due to illness will continue to be waived, but proper documentation and notice is required. Cancellations for vacations, dental or other non-emergency medical treatment will result in no-show fees. If you request BCA staff to engage in Telehealth with outside providers (ex: OT, PT, etc.), while your child is in our care, no show fees will be applied for that time. If your child is absent for any other reason than illness, no show fees will be applied.

  • Health Checks: Temperature Scans for staff and clients will continue, however BCA will cease documentation. Parents/Caregivers and staff will no longer have to complete the health attestation; however, it is expected of everyone that they disclose any changes in their health and act accordingly.

  • Temperature Scan upon arrival

  • Employees and Clients must clean hands with provided hand sanitizer upon arrival.

  • Employees must wear proper PPE, provided by BCA, including anti-microbial face masks, before entering building.

  • Parents/Caregivers will continue to walk children in to either campus. Vaccinated parents and caregivers may cease wearing their mask during drop-off and pick-up but must wear if entering the building. Unvaccinated parents and caregivers must continue to wear their masks, always.

  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated staff members will continue to wear masks when clients present at all times.

  • Vaccinated staff members may refrain from wearing masks when clients not present. Unvaccinated staff must continue to wear masks.

  • Vaccinated staff are permitted to eat lunch with other vaccinated staff members closer than 6 ft proximity.