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Teach to Learn. Learn to Live.

Bluegrass Center for Autism’s (BCA) model is an integrated approach which blends Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech-Language Therapy, motor skills training, peer interaction instruction, independent living skills and other individualized programming. We offer a 1:1 child-instructor ratio in most of our teams, resulting in the most intensely individualized programming available.

We understand that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are successful when exposed to multiple opportunities to acquire, master, maintain, and generalize skills within a variety of settings. Our highly structured days deliver a concentrated experience to meet each child’s specific needs and promote his or her learning potential. We use evidence-based treatment to create a therapeutic setting to maximize a child’s ability to communicate, learn, adapt, and be successful.

BCA utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based techniques individualized to each learner while focusing on the development of communication, functional programming, social skills and life skills. ABA involves the use of objective data to make decisions and determine how well goals are being achieved. The data we collect guides us when a change in programming needs to be made or when a learner is ready to move to a more advanced skill.



All behavior plans and skill acquisition programming are designed by Certified and Licensed Behavior Analysts. Our ABA based model includes:

  • 10 month Regular Session (August – May), full day therapeutic programming for children and young adults ages 3-21

  • 6-7 week Summer Session (June – July), therapeutic programming for children and young adults ages 3-21

  • Individualized programming designed around each child’s strengths, challenges, and learning style

  • Intensive one-to-one services with highly trained instructors providing an enriched environment for our learners in order achieve new skills, while maintaining and generalizing previously acquired skills

  • Individualized programming to encourage communication, social, academic and life skills

  • Daily data and systematic program analysis to accurately and efficiently monitor each learner’s progress

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Kosair Charities East Campus (Ages 3-11)

9810 Bluegrass Parkway Louisville, KY 40299

Mid City Campus (Ages 12-21)

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Nondiscrimination Policy:

BCA proudly serves any child or young adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder regardless of his or her race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. Any child or young adult needing our services is welcome in our center. We extend this same philosophy to our employees.